my-iwallet biometric password manager

Windows 7
Supporting  IE and Maxthon     Tutorials Training Videos
face verification recognition
An intuitive interface that enables you to use finger or face or voice or our special bioSmartcard as your personal means of securely accessing you web site logon's.
Password Manager
A set of features not seen elsewhere enabling the blocking of credit cards, manage web site access with black and white URL lists and much more.  
Other Biometric Products from Cordian
  • bio-iVault encrypted hidden partitions, drives, files, pictures
Protect your important files, pictures and other information from prying eyes or theft.
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my-iWallet top-rated biometric password manager login software using biometrics that protects against Identity Fraud using Biometrics to seamlessly fill internet login forms using Finger Face Voice Bio Smartcard recognition. Encrypted with AES-256
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